“Accompanied showings” means when the buyer’s agent is required to have the listing agent present in order to show the home. The last thing a buyer’s agent wants to see in the showing instructions is that the listing agent has to be present, which means the two agents must coordinate their schedules with the buyers and sellers schedules. Most times the buyers agent will skip showing that home.

An accompanied showing does nothing to enhance the house sale process and actually can cause the seller to lose a sale.

Realtors do not “sell homes”. Buying a home is an emotional process. A Realtor does not talk somebody into purchasing a home. Realtors give advice and provide helpful information but homes sell themselves. A buyer walks into a home and can feel that it is a match and they end up putting in an offer. This occurs because of human emotions and attachment. It has nothing to do with a sales pitch. Realtors don’t talk someone into buying a property.

When the seller requires an accompanied showing, they are now adding the possibility of scheduling conflicts. The possibility exists there will be a missed showing for the seller. Every showing that a seller doesn’t have is a missed opportunity. It is unlikely that two busy agents can coordinate their schedules and the buyer can end up purchasing another home before ever
rescheduling to see the missed home.

Buyers Agents do not want the listing agent present. Sometimes the underlying goal is trying to befriend the other agent’s buyer in order to steal the buyer as their own.

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