1. Saving A Down Payment. A road that seems to have no end, a drawn-out arduous journey. The excitement is unfathomable when you reach your goal.
  2. The Bills. Don’t stretch your budget and overlook expenses. Include taxes and insurance in your monthly payment along with principle and interest. Remember utilities, renovations and maintenance costs.
  3. Should you Rent. If you plan on moving frequently, buying a home may not be your best option. Rent is considered flushing money down the toilet. More money will go down the toilet if you continue to re-locate.
  4. Home Inspection. It’s vital you get a home inspection. I advise you shadow the inspector.
  5. Yard and Garden Maintenance. If you are not interested in this type of work include landscapers as a fixed cost.
  6. Hire A Realtor. A Realtor is experienced with the complicated process of Purchasing a home. They are able to expedite the process and get you the best, realistic price, saving you money and headache.

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