Awful Pet Odors Turn Off Buyers and often keep your home from selling.

  1. Air Out The House. Remove or replace pet bedding.
  2. Scrub Thoroughly. Vinegar, wood floor cleaner or an odor-neutralizing product.
  3. Clean Drapes and Upholstery. Pet odors seep into fabrics.
  4. Clean Your Carpets. Have professionals do the job, consider deodorizing treatments. It may be necessary to replace carpeting and scrub and seal the sub floor.
  5. Painting will seal the walls.
  6. Place Potpourri or Scented Candles in Strategic Locations. Don’t go overboard. Simply place a mild potpourri bowl in your foyer.
  7. Relocate Pets. If you can stand to be separated from your pet consider sending your pet on a temporary vacation. If pets have to stay remove for showings.

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