Investors put their money in appreciating assets. Here are reasons you should consider doing the same:

  1. Rates Are Crazy Low. Low rates mean affordable lending – more for your money.
  2. It Will Appreciate. Home Price Index (HPI) has increased year-over-year basis every month for 7 years. Real Estate can provide one of the safest investments.
  3. Pay for College. Purchase a home when your child is born, with a 15 year mortgage, the home will be paid for by college and you can provide debt free college for your child/children.
  4. Passive Income Is Good. Rental properties provide a stable income. For a positive cash flow invest in profitable rental property.
  5. Short Term Rental Property. A new world of opportunity for investors. Buying in the right location you have the potential of making a significant return in a short period of time. Check the local laws for Airbnb & VRBO.
  6. Investment Property Can Help You Buy The Home Of Your Dreams. Rental property purchased wisely will grow in value and can offer you sizeable wealth and equity.

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