In what is seen to be a long-term trend in Venture Capital, Bay Area investment firms have doubled their input into Seattle area start-ups in the past decade. Silicon Valley money now accounts for 40% of all local start-up capital. Out of town investors are attracted to this area’s deep talent pool and tech expertise, fostered by local giants such as Amazon and Microsoft. Facebook, Google, Apple, Uber and others have major engineering centers here as well. However, talented, highly-paid tech executives can be too comfortable and risk averse to venture out with new ideas.

Jeff Jordan, Venture Capitalist, says that Seattle is the most robust market outside of Silicon Valley, CA. “We have been really impressed by the quality of the companies…., entrepreneurs and terms that can be built in Seattle”.

Puget Sound could reap high paying jobs and an economic boost. This provides an even stronger foundation for your real estate values to grow in the long run.

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