Principles Of Life

Principles Of Life

5 P’s of Life: Prior – Planning – Prevents – Poor – Performance To be truly successful in all we do both personally and professionally, planning is a must! Once we have our plans, we can go after our goals with passion, determination and focus to be successful. Taking...

Zillow overestimated home value by 700 percent

By Mike Rosenberg Seattle Times business reporter When Seattle residents Sue and Roy Carlson bought a modest home on the Kitsap Peninsula in June, they paid $225,000 — a discount because the house was headed for foreclosure. Redfin now estimates the home in...

Carol Glad Recognized for Contributions

The following content was posted to Facebook by the North Kitsap School District on November 16, 2017: Here’s a great way to support NK students! Starting this month, our board member, real estate agent extraordinaire Carol Geller Glad, is making a donation to the NK...

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