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Accompanied Showings Hinder Home Sales…..

“Accompanied showings” means when the buyer’s agent is required to have the listing agent present in order to show the home. The last thing a buyer’s agent wants to see in the showing instructions is that the listing agent has to be present, which means the two agents must coordinate their schedules with the buyers […]

2019 Real Estate Forecast:  What Home Buyers, Sellers, and Investors Can Expect

There’s no doubt about it:  the 2018 housing market has seen its ups and downs. The year started with sky-high home prices, historically low mortgage rates and a definitive upper hand for sellers.  In recent months though, home price growth has faltered, rates have risen to their highest point in nearly eight years, and favor […]

The Appraisal Process

The Appraisal Process

The appraisal process can be a mystery to the home buyer and seller.  Here is information that I hope will help explain the process. If you have three different appraisals, you will have three different values.  If you have three different Realtor opinions, you will likely get three different opinions of value.  Unfortunately, in the […]

Why Hire a Buyer Specialist to Buy a Home?

Why Hire a Buyer Specialist to Buy a Home? Re-think the idea you don’t need an agent to buy a home.  Here is what our Buyer Specialist does for your purchasing of a home: Help you determine what your needs and wants are before you start looking at homes, which is very important in this […]