North Kitsap


Directly across the Agate Pass Bridge from Bainbridge Island and just a few miles south of Poulsbo, lies Suquamish Washington. Located within the Port Madison Indian Reservation, it is the burial site of Chief Seattle and the site of the Suquamish tribe winter longhouse known as Old Man House. The Clear Water Casino is also located in Suquamish. It is the largest casino in Kitsap County and provides not only a vast array of entertainment to locals – it also funds health services and community services for the residents of Suquamish and tribal members, making it a good steward to the community where they do business.

Suquamish Elementary is school is wildly popular amongst the parents that bring their children there. Cultural education ranks as high as the ABC’s and the children thrive on the curriculum. In addition to this there are some terrific restaurants in Downtown Suquamish that people will drive to from very far away, a public dock and community center.

Housing varies greatly – from woodland cottages to expansive waterfront homes – and everything in between. There are no rules here about how you must live – as long as you do it peacefully and be a good neighbor. For many people, the charm of Suquamish makes it the perfect place to call home.

For more info visit the Suqamish Tribe

Jesse Deming

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