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Why Should I Use a Buyer’s Agent?


“It may be the largest single expense of your life, so why not have professional representation?”

  • A Buyer’s Agent works for you, while a Seller’s Agent works for the seller (which means they may work against you)!
  • A Buyer’s Agent promises to represent you and takes good care of you. A Seller’s Agent promises “not to mislead you.”
  • A Buyer’s Agent negotiates the best price and terms for you. A Seller’s Agent negotiates the best price and terms for the seller.
  • A Buyer’s Agent owes you the fiduciary duties of Undivided Loyalty, Reasonable Care, Disclosure, Obedience to Lawful Instruction, Confidentiality and Accountability, provided however, that the Agent must disclose known material defects in the Real Estate.
  • A Buyer’s Agent will protect your confidentiality on all matters including but not limited to finances, motivation, personal circumstances and feedback. A Seller’s Agent must not disclose to you any information that is not in the best interest of the seller, other than honest, factual disclosures about the property and must disclose to the seller any information about you that is known and can work against you.
  • A buyer’s Agent is more motivated to spot problems, to investigate potential issues, to counsel you on the market and the community, to preview properties and to advise on future salability.
  • A Buyer’s Agent may cost you very little, but may save you thousands!

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